Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 24 - Ho Ho Ho!

Couldn't resist this picture of my little santa clause, tonight! Just look at those lashes! All the girls will be jealous.

I figure a bathtime picture is appropriate, considering he has started a new habit - pooping in the tub! He's now done it THREE nights in a row. Little stinker (literally).


  1. Wow look at those eyes!! He is one of the most expressive little guys I've ever seen!! Too cute with the bubbles----did he do that or did you? *Mari

  2. Three nights in a row?? Geeze!!

  3. LOL, he did it himself. He likes to try to drink the water...after lastnight's choking episode lastnight though, he won't be doing that anymore!

  4. I hope this happened before the poop incident...LOL!
    Cute pic :)